Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation!

With the kids going back to school tomorrow, I thought it might be appropriate to review my summer crafting.  I am surprised by how much actually got done.  I do not have pictures of everything so I need to remedy that!  This has certainly been one of my favorite tools this summer!

Singer by theresplendentbeauty
Singer, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

I made a skirt for my younder DD which is chronicled here.  This helped me develop some ruffling skills which will be important going into the fall season.  Next I made a pleated skirt for my older DD.  I do not have a picture or blog post about this one but will try to rectify later.  Again, pleating skills may be necessary for this fall.

I took a break from sewing and crocheted three hats for Uganda as part of a mission project at my church.  These were fun to do and I hope to make another 3 or 4 later this fall.  It turned into a family affair and my aunt joined in the project too.

I found a great tutorial for Tunisian crochet and taught myself how to do that!  It turned out to be simple and fun.  It just required a special crochet hook.  It was quick to do too.  I blogged it here.

I took a break from crocheting and made some fun jewelry for the girls which is blogged here.  These were so fun to make!  I made another one this past weekend for my youngest DD to give as a birthday present.

I discovered that my die cut machine (lever type) would actually cut fabric this summer.  I put this information into practice to make this!  I need to explore this idea further.

Then somewhere in the midst of the other things, I found my old quilting project and finished up an applique square.  My bad quilt flashback was blogged here.  You never know when that applique skill might come in handy.

Then I started back to sewing with phone covers.  These things are so fun to make!  I blogged about them here and here.

Then, because I needed the skill, I made a zipper case for my youngest DD.  I need to photograph it for the blog still.  I am going to make one (hopefully tonight) for my oldest DD.   Putting in zippers has been a sticking point for me when sewing but no more!  Not that 2 zippers makes me an expert in any way, shape or form!

When I look back at this list, I am amazed!  I am so glad that I have blogged most of it to help me remember so much of what has been done!  I don't think I have ever gotten so much done in a summer!
I will be armed with all kinds of new sewing skills for this fall!  Why is that so important?  I can answer that easily!  My youngest DD should be a clown this year (if auditions go well!) and the costumes are so (and sew!) important.  In years past, I have relied on friends to help.  This year, one of them is moving to Phoenix for at least a year.  The move is our loss and Phoenix's gain.  There are others who will step up and help but I really want to try to do as much of it as I can myself.

So what's next?  Well besides the zipper case, I have an apron in the works, more phone covers planned and some more quilting to do with a more modern color scheme.  I cannot wait!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Artfire Studio

I have added a link to my Artfire Studio now and two of the three phone covers in the picture below are available there!  I have had the Artfire Studio for several years now but only one item has been listed there for quite some time.

Artfire, in case you are unfamiliar with it, is similar to Etsy except that the Studio owner pays a monthly fee instead of listing fees and commissions.  Many Studio owners are represented on both sites.  I hope you will take a few minutes to look around Artfire.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three new phone covers

These are the three newest phone covers. All three are sized to fit iPhones though the houndstooth would probably fit best without a case on the phone.

Inside by theresplendentbeauty
Inside, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

I love the jeweled button on this one and the ultrasuede interior!

Inside by theresplendentbeauty
Inside, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

This cute fabric just called out for red and the button is vintage from my Grandmother's button jar!

Inside by theresplendentbeauty
Inside, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

Another vintage button from my Grandmother's button jar.

Front by theresplendentbeauty
Front, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

This is the same cover from a few days ago, photographed in a better setting!

Back by theresplendentbeauty
Back, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

Finally!  Better colors this time!

Inside by theresplendentbeauty
Inside, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.
I love the softness of the ultrasuede interiors!