Thursday, July 28, 2011

More sewing and a giveaway!

Front by theresplendentbeauty
Front, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.
This is the front of the bag I made for my pandigital tablet. The pandigital is a 7" android tablet which can access the B&N online bookstore and has B&N reading software native to the tablet. I've had it for almost a year now but it has been sadly naked all this time!

Back by theresplendentbeauty
Back, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

I made the case similar to the previous phone bag but this time I made one side long enough to be a flap.  It took several attempts to get the engineering just right but I did it!  The bag uses coordinating fabrics and I still need to put the button on the front but I really wanted to show it to you!  I also quilted this bag for more texture.

Bigger bag by theresplendentbeauty

Then I found this beautiful printed canvas duck cloth today.  (OK - I found 3 different patterns which had to come home with me   :-D  )  I really wanted to highlight these beautiful medallions so centering the design was considered for this one.  I also found I didn't really have a suitable fabric for lining the bag, or so I thought.  But I remembered that I had some ultrasuede in my beading stash (for bead embroidery) and it turns out I had a great color to use for the lining.  (See Rule #5 !) The ultrasuede sewed like a dream! 

Back by theresplendentbeauty
Back, a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.
The colors here are too washed out.  The bias tape is a beautiful creamy color which adds a little zip to the back of the bag.  This bag is sized to hold a blackberry.  My LG Optimus is a little small for this one.

Now for the exciting part!  I have decided to have my first giveaway!  If you read my other blog, you know that I want to name my sewing machine.  So for the contest, leave a comment suggesting a name for the Singer .  Comments must be posted by midnight (CDT) Saturday night (July 30, 2011).  Then on Sunday, I will use a random number generator to select a winner!  The prize will be a sewn bag!  I'm so excited to offer this!

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