Friday, July 22, 2011

Maggie's gift for her sister.

Before her sister left to go spend a week in PA, Maggie planned to make her an ugly doll. We looked at the fleece I had on hand and began to make plans.  Maggie has 2 ugly dolls which were gifts but she really wanted her sister to have one too.

I helped with the machine sewing but Maggie did all the hand work.  She created the pattern for the doll using one of her own dolls.  I had the fleece pieces on hand from robes and pajama pants previously made.  And yes, I have a ton of felt on hand for making the facial features.  I love the tie dye print on the back of the doll. 

The ugly doll waving... by theresplendentbeauty
The ugly doll waving..., a photo by theresplendentbeauty on Flickr.

Back of ugly doll.

Back of ugly doll. by theresplendentbeauty


  1. That is awesome. My grandkids love ugly dolls! What a great thing for one sister to do for another.

  2. That is one stinkin' cute ugly doll!