Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playing with the Whimsy Sticks

I had the opportunity to make a Whimsy flower last Saturday while attending the Stitch, Craft and Create launch party.  My girls and I were hooked!  This is one of the flowers that my daughters made.  Isn't it beautiful?

Then, I stopped at JoAnn Fabric today with the girls in tow and my youngest wanted to get more of the velvet ribbon.  The only color she could find was this deep burgundy.  It was wider than the the widest one we used on Saturday and we also got one even wider.  We used the narrowest one (3/4") on the smaller Whimsy Stick to make this flower.  For the center, I cut a length of the widest ribbom and tied two knots in it.  Then she glued the ends together in the middle.  We wrapped the Whimsy portion around the knots.  (These are two sided flowers!  They make great ornaments!)  I will try to get another picture with better lighting so you can see the details.

Then we looked at what other ribbon we had on hand.  This is a 1.5" grosgrain ribbon.  She wrapped it around the larger Whimsy Stick and sewed it down on one side instead of in the middle.  I then gathered it for her and she sewed it into a circle.  The button is attached with FabriTac.  We are not sure what we will do with this one but we have several ideas brewing.

So these Whimsy Sticks were kind of pricey but I think they are going to be getting a lot of use.

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  1. oh my, these are soooo cute!! Exactly as you described to me at lunch